Hello world!


My name is Brandi and I’m a writer. Not in the sarcastic sense as in I am physically writing this blog right now, but a real  written-word-changing-your-life type of writer. Apart from writing, I especially love films. I  feel that they can speak about the human experience in a way that makes living seem very special.

I feel that some films provide this service while others fall tragically (sometimes humorously) short. In this blog I will be writing about each of these types, reviewing them and also commenting on film trends now and in the past. If you’re a movie fan or just a random blog peruser, I hope that you will stop by regularly.

I also hope that writing on a fairly regular basis will help grow and shape my talent. Thank you for potentially joining me on this journey. I will keep you informed of my progress on new projects and hopefully receive your helpful comments and support.

Thanks For Reading!



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